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A one-stop-shop for aquathermal energy

Sustainable heating with stagnant water? Yes you can! We design and build the suitable aquathermal installation to sustainably heat using your nearby lake, canal, or moat. Our in-depth thermal simulations determine the thermal capacity of the waterbody to design the best performing and cost-effective plant.

Illustration of the use of a closed aquathermal system at a castle by a lake
Heat exchanger

We place a heat exchanger in your waterbody that extracts heat year round

Heat pump

The extracted heat is upgraded to the desired temperature using a heat pump

Delivery system

The heat pumps delivers its heat to the existing or newly developed interior heating system

Illustration of the use of a closed aquathermal system at a castle by a lake
Dealer of MultiQ's heat exchangers

EXTRAQT is recognized dealer of MultiQ's heat exchangers in Belgium and Luxembourg

Eco-Technix professional installer of our systems

EXTRAQT collaborates with Eco-Technix for the installation of closed-loop aquathermal systems

Strong partners
Your benefits

High thermal efficiencies (COP) for maximal CO2-reduction

Hybrid systems possible with air units or gas back-up

Passive cooling possible at sufficient depth

Negligible thermal impact on the waterbody and its ecology when dimensioned correctly

Low investment cost compared to geothermal drillings

Zero visibilty of the entire system

Heat pump output temperatures up to 55°C: compatible with floor heating, convectors, and radiators

Little to no maintenance due to closed system without filters

Heating possible during freezing conditions

Our realizations on stagnant water.


Aquathermal heating in children's farm in Soest

Les Jardins d'Annevoie - 1758

Installation closed heat exchanger for the castle 'Les Jardins d'Annevoie - 1758'

Castle De Merode

Installation of a closed heat exchanger in the 14th century castle de Merode.

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