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Surface water as a sustainable heat source for buildings?

EXTRAQT is 100% devoted to aquathermal energy as a heat pump technology. We develop thermal models to determine the potential of rivers, lakes and canals and convert them into operational installations.

A neighbourhood heated through aquathermal energyA neighbourhood heated through aquathermal energy
A neighbourhood heated through aquathermal energy
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Residents the Dijlemolens heat their apartment building in the centre of Leuven with the Dijle

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Visualize the potential

Using our digital twins of water bodies, we are able to show how much thermal potential surface water contains. Using these models we map how much heat we can extract from rivers, lakes and canals while respecting nature's limits thereby generating sustainable heating solutions.

Discover the potential
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Illustration of the process of extracting energy from a body of water using aquathermy


From masterplan to realization

With our digital twins, we engage at two levels:

We map the potential of aquathermy for cities, municipalities and provinces in a masterplan. That way you know the exact potential of all water bodies in your region.

We also realize your aquathermal installation from start to finish. Our models calculate whether your water body can supply the required heat of the building. If that's the case, we create the technical design and build the installation.

Illustration of a river being heated by the sun
Illustration of a river being heated by the sun

Our references

Hamilton Harbor

Modeling Jon Hamilton Harbor, Lake Ontario (CA, USA)


Installation open aquathermal system in the apartment complex 'de Dijlemolens' at the Dijle river in the center of Leuven.

East-Flanders aquathermal potential map

Development of a heat potential map for the province of East-Flanders in Belgium

Les Jardins d'Annevoie - 1758

Installation closed heat exchanger for the castle 'Les Jardins d'Annevoie - 1758'

Sustainable energy heritage

Technical feasibility of sustainable heat applications in heritage sites

Aquathermal optimization model

Aquathermal optimization model created with the support of the province Flemish-Brabant

Potentieelscan Brugge

Detailed study of sustainable heat sources in Bruges

Castle De Merode

Installation of a closed heat exchanger in the 14th century castle de Merode.


System integration aquathermal energy in Interreg call North Sea Region (NSR)


Aquathermal Energy Communities in Interreg call North-West Europe


Aquathermal heating in children's farm in Soest

Marie Thumas

Aquathermal potential scan for Marie Thumas at the Vaart in Leuven.

Project Colombia

The potential of hydropower and aquathermal technologies for Colombia.

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Feasibility studies


kW installed power


km rivers modeled


km2 lakes modeled


In the picture.

Press announcement project 'Bastion Duurzame Warmte'

The project 'Bastion Duurzame Warmte', supported by the Province of Flemish Brabant started! Together with the city of Diest and the heritage department of the province of Flemish Brabant, we are working on this sustainable project!

Inauguration Dijlemolens with the press

Our aquathermy installation at the Dijlemolens was warmly inaugurated

Techlink award

EXTRAQT and Eco-Technix win the Techlink award!

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Part of the energy transition


50% of global energy consumption goes to heating and cooling buildings, with only 14% generated sustainably. Currently, one dominant renewable resource is overlooked even though half the world's population lives less than 3 km from it: surface water.

Aquathermal energy is our solution. A 65% emission reduction is possible by harvesting the thermal energy stored in rivers, canals, and lakes.

Illustration of the use of aquathermal energy at a housing complex next to a riverIllustration of the use of aquathermal energy at a housing complex next to a river

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