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Flowing water


Unique expertise in aquathermal energy

From feasibility to implementation, we realize your aquathermal project on rivers and flowing canals! Aquathermal projects on flowing waters require the necessary permits, careful design choices, and a compact installation. Together with strong partners, we guide you through these waters.

Illustration of the use of aquathermal energy at an apartment building next to a river


In a preliminary phase, we take a non-binding look at whether your project is a go or no-go for aquathermal energy.


Feasability study

We design an optimal installation within the thermal limits of the waterbody, focusing on performance and cost efficiency. This is always done in consultation with permit issuers and other stakeholders.



Together with experienced partners, we take care of the installation of your aquathermal project and obtain the necessary permits.

Our realizations on flowing water.

Marie Thumas

Aquathermal potential scan for Marie Thumas at the Vaart in Leuven.


Installation open aquathermal system in the apartment complex 'de Dijlemolens' at the Dijle river in the center of Leuven.

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