Source mapping

Discover the potential of all aquathermal resources in your region! Using our digital twins of rivers, lakes, and canals, we model the potential of all water bodies throughout your city, municipality, or province. The thermal potentials are clearly presented on a map and translated into clear guidelines for implementation.

Feasibility study linked to your heat demand

Is your need for sustainable heat spatially known? We determine whether the water bodies in your region can meet this need. Based on in-depth impact simulations and the existing regulations, we analyze whether the demand can be fully or partially met.

A neighbourhood heated through aquathermal energyA neighbourhood heated through aquathermal energyIllustration of the use of aquathermal energy at a housing complex next to a river
A neighbourhood heated through aquathermal energy
Engineering company?

We use our simulations to accurately and correctly include aquathermal energy in your study, focusing on thermal capacity, cost efficiency, and organizational approach.

Province, municipality, or city?

We provide a complete overview of the aquathermal potential in your region that allows a practical rollout in the short term.

Our Master Plans.

Aquathermal optimization model

Aquathermal optimization model created with the support of the province Flemish-Brabant

Hamilton Harbor

Modeling Jon Hamilton Harbor, Lake Ontario (CA, USA)

Sustainable energy heritage

Technical feasibility of sustainable heat applications in heritage sites

East-Flanders aquathermal potential map

Development of a heat potential map for the province of East-Flanders in Belgium


Aquathermal Energy Communities in Interreg call North-West Europe


System integration aquathermal energy in Interreg call North Sea Region (NSR)

Potentieelscan Brugge

Detailed study of sustainable heat sources in Bruges

Project Colombia

The potential of hydropower and aquathermal technologies for Colombia.

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