Hamilton Harbor

Modeling Jon Hamilton Harbor, Lake Ontario (CA, USA)


Installation open aquathermal system in the apartment complex 'de Dijlemolens' at the Dijle river in the center of Leuven.

Les Jardins d'Annevoie - 1758

Installation closed heat exchanger for the castle 'Les Jardins d'Annevoie - 1758'

East-Flanders aquathermal potential map

Development of a heat potential map for the province of East-Flanders in Belgium

Sustainable energy heritage

Technical feasibility of sustainable heat applications in heritage sites

Potentieelscan Brugge

Detailed study of sustainable heat sources in Bruges

Aquathermal optimization model

Aquathermal optimization model created with the support of the province Flemish-Brabant

Castle De Merode

Installation of a closed heat exchanger in the 14th century castle de Merode.


System integration aquathermal energy in Interreg call North Sea Region (NSR)


Aquathermal Energy Communities in Interreg call North-West Europe


Aquathermal heating in children's farm in Soest

Marie Thumas

Aquathermal potential scan for Marie Thumas at the Vaart in Leuven.

Project Colombia

The potential of hydropower and aquathermal technologies for Colombia.